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The Entrepreneur's Bible

James Leeson

I spent so much money and time on a dozen other courses. Finally I found one course that has everything that I need. thanks, RJ.

Way More Than What I Hoped For!

Jeremy Sexton

I came here to learn about Facebook ads and ended up learning Facebook ads, Instagram ads, TikTok and Google ads. There is so much information in these lessons.


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Being a Successful Entrepreneur Isn't Easy

That's why we are here every step of the way.

  • Marketing Isn't Going So Well?

    Not sure how to define your target niche'? Maybe you're not sure how to find out where your potential customers hang out. We can help. The answers are right here in the course. Plus you can always contact us for 1-on-1 consultation (it comes with the course).

  • The Entrepreneurial World Is a Lonely Place.

    Not anymore! Join a community of fellow entrepreneurs taking the same course as you. Travel down this road together. Share ideas and concepts. Share in success. Every entrepreneur has to learn to network.

  • Looking for Investors?

    Every investor wants to see a detailed business plan. Get the highest caliber of help with writing your business plan, attracting investors, and applying for Federal and state grants.

WARNING! You See This Only ONCE.

Most video courses with half of our content priced anywhere from $1000 up to even $5000.00 - and home study courses can go for much higher than that. However I have no intention of putting an exorbitant price tag on these videos, and I feel that if you want to get a better learning experience you deserve to get it at a much more affordable price. But if you act now, I'm going to reward you with a fast action discount. (only if you act on this page) So here it is… Click on the button below and get access to the full version of You 20/20 now. ~Our Usual Price: $999.95 ~ BUT WE REALIZE THAT THE COVID-19 SITUATION COULD MAKE IT HARD TO PAY THAT MUCH SO FOR A LIMITED TIME WE WILL DO $19.99 A MONTH. We're here to make you wealthy, not bankrupt you.

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Your Instructor

RJ Stewart

Senior Instructor

RJ Stewart

Nice to meet you all. We'll here is a little about myself. First I'm a father of 4 amazing children (3 daughters and 1 son). They are the coolest in the world. I spend 10 years in the US Army as an Infantryman and 2 years as a truck driver after military separation. While in Iraq, I decided to further my education. I attended Colorado Technical University and obtained a B.A in Computer Science. by the time I finished my time in the military, I had already opened two successful companies. Now I spend my time teaching other entrepreneurs how to be successful.